Key features

Your own unique website and email address

Basic setup in just 30 minutes

No programming necessary

Choose from a variety of styles, or commission your own

Update instantly from any computer with a web connection

Intelligent dynamic links - you decide how your work is displayed.

Fully customisable

Easy to follow instructions, Microsoft Word™ style interface

Automatic image management

Spell checker and backup facility

Lifetime upgrades so your site always meets current web standards


FolioPro: the easy way to your own professional website.

Most of us today need a website to showcase our work, entice new clients and support bids.

FolioPro gives you a professional website built around a portfolio of your work. Setup is fast and easy, with no web or programming experience required. As your portfolio grows, so does your site, at no extra cost.

Traditional route FolioPro
Register your domain name (e.g. costing about £18 every two years We register your domain name for you
Buy a hosting package, costing up to £40 every year We host your site for you
Pay a web designer to design and build your website, costing £250+ You add content, just like typing in Microsoft Word™
As you and your portfolio grow, you have to pay for costly updates Update your site in just a few minutes at no extra cost
£250+ outlay
£149+ /year
Multiple bills to manage
No outlay
Just £89/year
One bill, all inclusive