Your own website

With FolioPro, you get your very own, unique website and email addresses (e.g. We handle the registration of your domain name and we host the site for you.

FolioPro is based around a portfolio of your work. Each time you do a new project*, just type in the details and FolioPro will create a new page on your website. We use the word 'project' to describe each unit of work you do, but you can choose any word you like, e.g. gig, play, installation, performance.

Your site has six main pages, plus a page for every project you add.

Home page

This is where you introduce yourself.

About page

Where you can describe what you do in more detail.

Projects page

All of the projects you enter are listed here. There's a search box so visitors can look for specific projects. Clicking on a project's title takes visitors to a detailed page describing that project.

Gallery Page

A gallery of the best pictures of your work.

Download page

Where you can put your CV or flyer for visitors to download .

Contact page

Have a look at our Featured site to see how it fits together.

FolioPro manages your site's content using the latest web and accessibility standards, so it will always be accessible and work on all current browsers.

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